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Association of British and Chinese University Students

Founded in 2016, we are a society aimed at integrating people from all backgrounds sharing a common interest in Chinese and Asian culture. We do this through organising a variety of enjoyable events throughout the year. Dim Sum, bowling, Hot Pot and karaoke are some of the examples of events we have organised in the past. We hope to play a pivotal role in eliminating any barriers and misconceptions perceived to exist between student communities from different cultures and origins.

Through the people and the wide range of exciting events we will bring you throughout the year, we hope you will have a happy and unforgettable university experience and establish lifelong friendships. Therefore, what have you got to lose? Come to have fun and meet new people at our next event!


What is ABACUS about?

  • Promotion of Chinese culture and values. Our events will allow you to experience this age old culture rich of unique fascinating traditions.

  • Finding a sense of inclusivity. If you ever felt out of place, you may just be able to find like-minded people who will understand you. We are a close community and we try to accommodate everyone with common interests. You will likely build bonds for life and create a home away from home!

  • Diversity. Not only you will find a range of all sorts of people with incredible international mindsets, yet woven together through the influence of a Chinese background. Nevertheless, we can also cater anyone with even the mildest interests in Chinese culture.

  • Fun! Above everything else, we wish to create an relaxed social environment for everyone to create cheerful memories and ever lasting relationships in the society.

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